Tuesday, September 16, 2014

changes are afoot/ pic of the day is moving

Hello dear friends,
It has been awhile! Hope you have all been well. I have been taking a summer vacation since launching Modern Originals,  but I am getting ready to return with new posts and lots of news. Just wanted to let you know about a bit of a change. I will no longer be posting to this site for Pic of the Day. In fact, I have a new website up and will be posting to the Pic of the Day section there from now on. So head over to lesliewilliamson.com and I'll get to posting in a few days. Look forward to reconnecting with you all soon!
xx L-
PS - This is a shot the designer Maxim Velcovsky's home in Prague. He had an amazing collection of Czech midcentury glass as you can see...