Friday, May 21, 2010

kay sekimachi/

I have been thinking quite a bit about craft lately. It seems to be very of the moment, but also harkens to the past in so many ways. In particular, I have been thinking about pottery and fiber arts. Why you might ask? Well, the answer is easy. Tonight I went to an open house at Greenwich House Pottery and a couple of weeks ago I met with Kay Sekimachi at her home in Berkeley and saw many of her incredible pieces that she has made on her loom and through other knotting techniques (I hope that is the right way to phrase that...). Thought I would share an image from my quick scouting photos of Kay Sekimachi's home. I will be returning to do a proper shoot in the coming weeks and really cannot wait. These necklaces are from a series Kay is working on where she incorporates pieces she has collected on a beach in Hawaii (wish I could remember which beach!) over the last 40 years.

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