Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the american south/a location begging for a portrait

Sometimes I run across a place and it is just begging to have a portrait shot here. I JUST SEE a person there....This porch in South Carolina was one such place. I was on a job for Atlantic Broadband and this house was empty, but owned by one of the people I was photographing for the job. I fell in love with the way vegetation was beginning to take over the porch. (This is something I love about the South in general. It is so lush and the landscape and structures are so entwined, it is impossible to separate the two.) I offered to do a portrait of the owners son on the porch - it seemed fitting. So here is the portrait. I shot it really quick because we had about 100 miles to drive to the next location (at least it felt that way...) I really like the result. He thought I was a little weird wanting to photographed him at the old abandoned house next door...

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