Monday, June 7, 2010

henry varnum poor/

More from Henry Varnum Poor's Crow House this week. As I have said, this is a magical place. I think this image expresses that perfectly.
I ended up here on the suggestion of Wharton Esherick's daughter, Ruth. She remembered going to visit when she was a little girl (she made a special mention of the "crazy bathroom" as she put it). Wharton and Henry were friends and would spend a week or two at each other's place in the summer months. So Ruth gave Henry's son, Peter, a call to see if I could stop by and check it. Of course this was not on my shooting schedule and I was catching a plane later that day, but I ended up photographing the house that day for about two hours. At the time, it was about to be sold. I felt a sense of urgency about needing to document this house before it was gone. Happily it has now been saved, but those two hours that first day of shooting are really special in my memory. An unexpected gift....

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