Monday, June 21, 2010

kay sekimachi/fiber artist

Last Thursday and Friday I began my new project on American craftspeople. There is such a resurgence of craft right now, but I feel like much of it is really trendy with no knowledge of the incredible tradition it comes from. Kay Sekimachi is a master fiber artist. She is in her 70's I would guess and still works everyday at the loom or on other projects in her home studio. I am continuing the work I started with Handcrafted Modern, documenting houses, so I shot the entire house. But today I thought I would give you all a little taster of Kay's work. These are all hanging in the upstairs loft studio. I have included a detail of this long hanging piece. It is made entirely of fish line. The result is incredibly beautiful. It almost feels like some amorphous creature from the sea....

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