Friday, July 16, 2010

june schwarcz/a bit of morandi

For the past two days I have been photographing enamel artist, June Schwarcz's home for the new project on craftspeople in America. There are so many images to edit through, but I knew this image was going to be a favorite when I shot it. It makes me think of Giorgio Morandi...


  1. is this porcelain? who did it?
    cant wait to see these shots. love her work. hear her collection of friends' work is amazing.

  2. Would be lovely to know more about the bowl and it's maker.

  3. Hi - quite by chance I found the bowl just now - it's part of a biodegradable range by a Japanese company called Wasara.

    And no, I'm not posting in the middle of the night but from London UK hence the odd timing.