Tuesday, October 26, 2010

california book events...a big thank you!

Just wanted to extend my sincerest thank you to everyone at William Stout Architectural Books in San Francisco and Heath Ceramics in LA for two wonderful book signings and slideshows last week. I get a bit nervous giving these talks sometimes, but I had such a great time! And thanks to everyone who came out and bought Handcrafted Modern. It was a joy to talk to so many of you and know that my enthusiasm and love for these people and homes are shared by so many.

Yesterday, my friend Michele and I decided to take the long way back to San Francisco. I have to say we timed it perfectly. Just as we were driving into Big Sur the sun was setting. California, how I love thee....

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  1. despite my poor directional sense, it was a treat being your copilot, miss williamson! thank you for a great trip!