Monday, October 18, 2010

handcrafted modern/outtakes/esherick

This week is Wharton Esherick week on my blog, friends. So today I am starting with one of the images that I tried (and tried) to have in the Esherick chapter of Handcrafted Modern. Most (if not all...?) of the sinks in his home are copper like this and do not obey the usual laws of how sinks should look. Not rounded, not a traditional bowl per se, but an almost cubist version of a sink. Of course, Esherick wrote his own rules so why should his sink be any different?

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  1. I do wish this picture would have made it in the book, Leslie. Esherick's house is truly a work of unique art and those sinks are so distinctive and killer! I do love this gem. Its all the small love and details that make it so endearing.