Tuesday, October 12, 2010

handcrafted modern/outtakes/kagan

Just when I said I would post everyones bookshelves this week I changed my mind. I am heading back to NY today for my big book launch at USM on Wednesday night. When I am in NY, I am going to be delivering books to a few of the home owners - namely Irving Harper, Jens Risom and Vladimir Kagan. I had a chat with Vlady today and it made me want to post this image from his study. I absolutely love how he suspended the bottle so it seemingly dangled from the bottom of this painting. Not to mention the rug on the wall.

And another wonderful blog on Handcrafted Modern on Sight Unseen today. They are co-hosting my launch at USM on Wednesday. Check out the excerpt from my book  on Sight Unseen's site

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  1. what a great article! enjoy every moment at the opening!