Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my current obsession/

Back in California and happy to have just missed the snow that fell in Indianapolis last week. This week I will share the images I shot in Columbus, Indiana and the treasures of modern architecture there. But today I had to share this image. For some reason, this was the image I was thinking about the entire plane ride back. I shot it in Eero Saarinen's North Christian Church in Columbus - it was just a little side meeting room there. I keep staring at it trying to figure out why I like it so much. It is kind of perfect in its absolute genericness, but I think it is something more. Frankly, I'm still not sure what the obsession is all about. Any thoughts?


  1. a) It's stunning.

    b) The room is overly formal with its absence of color and simple rectangles, yet that blackboard is full of emotion. It's an absence that stares back at you.

  2. hmm... maybe something to do with the absolute possibility of a blank chalkboard, wide-open & large, balanced to a small but demanding time piece. I find the chalkboard holds my attention while the clock somehow demands it.

    maybe tomorrow i'll see something different.

    fabulous shot.

  3. It's the simplicity. His Finnish minimal aesthetic ... maybe.

  4. Amazing! And I agree with Adam:

    "that blackboard is full of emotion. It's an absence that stares back at you."

    I would replace "absence" with "silence", though.

  5. I Love this photograph. The Possibilities....I see endless possibilities!