Friday, January 28, 2011

serena mitnik-miller/general store

I happened upon this lovely room the other day as I was browsing the vintage clothing selection at General Store in the Sunset. I  was directed to the fitting room behind the curtain and as I pulled it back, this is what I saw. Something about how the light was coming in the window....well I was compelled to pull out my iphone and take these two shots. It turns out this is the studio of artist Serena Mitnik Miller. She is one of the owners of General Store as well as an artist. I am toying with the idea of going back and documenting this space in more depth if she will let me and I can find some time. But maybe that is me just wanting to spend more than a few second in this lovely back room studio. The front of General Store is pretty damn great as well. When I want an afternoon coffee and a little breather, I head out to Trouble Coffee, which is next door, and then I browse around General Store and head out to their back garden to finish my coffee. Not sure if I am supposed to do that, but this place makes you want to linger...and I never leave without buying a little something.


  1. beautiful! what a great space.

  2. Fun! I love the antlers. And the wooden round do-hickeys remind me of fishing net floats on the Great Lakes. I guess by now you’re not too surprised by what people keep in their studios. This is an inviting space, because of the light, I think; a calm, finely assembled sanctum compared to what so many settle for in their workplaces. And you make delightful tableaux even out of your modest iphone.

  3. Leslie!

    I have to admit, when I was last at the General Store a few weeks back, I was "trying on a pair of jeans" in the dressing room, but really I pulled back the curtain to take a live peek at the image you captured above.

    So neat!

    I love that place. (and I freaking LOOOOOVE Trouble Coffee!)