Monday, February 14, 2011

early work/homage to andrew wyeth

last week there was another lovely review of Handcrafted Modern, this time on the 1stdibs website . One of the nice things that writer Erika Heet said was that the results of my shoots for the book were "painterly photos almost reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth's depictions of austere, haunting rooms." I happen to love Andrew Wyeth so I was well pleased by the comparison. It started me thinking about this image I shot early on in my career. It was completely inspired by an Andrew Wyeth painting. I found this old cutaway jacket in a costume shop in Burbank and it instantly made me think of Wyeth, so I decided to make an homage to him. I love how one object or article of clothing can flood the mind with ideas and memory. Glad I was able to find this image and share it today. I still really like it and it still makes me think of that beautiful Wyeth painting.


  1. That is beautiful. Many years ago my high school art teacher made us, I mean greatly encouraged us to buy this huge Andrew Wyeth art book. It was expensive, so it took lots of work persuading my parents to buy it. I'm so glad they decided on yes - it is so beautiful and definitely anchored Wyeth as one of my favorites.

  2. Beautiful. I love your blog. I just found it via Chutzpah Rummage. Cheers, Sarah