Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the grandma project/empty garage

I was in the darkroom yesterday and I printed this image from the Grandma Project. Like a lot of artists, I have a few projects going on at once. When Handcrafted Modern (then called "the book project") really started getting some interest and attention, I was also working on "the Grandma Project". My Grandmother and I had an extremely close relationship. When she passed away in 2006, I found myself compelled to document her house and it's contents. I really couldn't stop myself. In fact, I think this is where Handcrafted Modern began in a lot of ways. My grandmother's home was the first home I shot in the detailed manner that you see in Handcrafted Modern. I am just beginning to take a look through what I have shot for the project and what still needs to be done. Printing something from it every time I am in the darkroom is my way of treating myself. I'll share more soon...I'm getting really excited about it again.

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  1. i have a show opening in march here, and all of the work is based on some stones my grandmother started to carve and never finished... paintings, drawings, sculpture, and a film... i'll have to send you the publication, which doesn't feature any of my own work, but some of the things i found in her studio. steve.