Thursday, March 17, 2011

daily life/nyc

Only a few people close to me know about this recent phenomena in my life. It seems that for the last month (or two?) there has been a pronounced presence in my life of law enforcement. It has been weird to say the least. I am driving to get coffee and I need to pull over for trucks. I get caught on the freeway when a high speed chase is happening. I get a speeding ticket, a parking get the idea...but mind you this is EVERYDAY! I have to say, I figured since I am in NY all this month, it would die down. But today I was heading to a meeting and I saw this fantastic sign on 25th St. (or maybe 26th St?). I get one shot off and then the second one someone walks through...Who? I just started laughing. Really? I guess I haven't shaken this trend yet. Let's hope I don't get arrested...but thank you Mr. NYC traffic cop. I do believe you made the shot.

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