Monday, March 21, 2011

portraits/gabriele wilson

I am going to have a lot to show you all from my time here in NY. I shot all weekend and will be shooting the most incredible apartment this week! This shot is from yesterday. My friend Gabriele Wilson and I were walking back from photographing her portrait and she was asking me about the differences I saw between California and NY. What do you get in NY that you don't get in CA? I notice steam pluming from the street we are crossing and I pointed and said "you don't get that in CA...ever." So of course we had to take advantage. I really love this shot of her.
Btw, her work is amazing. She is a graphic designer who does masses of book covers/ book design among other lovely things...she is in the process of fantastic redesign of her website that will be up soon.


  1. this is incredible. love, love, love.

  2. Seriously. Amazing shot. Swoon.

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