Saturday, May 14, 2011

the miller house/outtakes

as promised, a few of my favorite images from the Miller House in Columbus Indiana starts today. This is actually the front door. But you can see the series of sky lights here and get a sense of the beautiful luminous quality of the house. I thought it would be cold in the house, but the terrazzo floor has radiant heat so I padded around in my socks for most of the time I was there because it was more comfortable for me. I made myself at home a little bit I guess.
Check out more of the article I shot and wrote in the May issue of Dwell or here on Dwell's website.


  1. I want to pad around that house in my stocking feet too!

  2. It looks like the walls are lined with the same marble. Is that right? If so, does that mean they had to drill into it to hang the piece of art? How do you patch the marble if the art is ever moved to another location?

    The natural light is what makes this area of the house so appealing. I do wonder about the support columns, why they were left exposed. The focal point of the yard/garden beyond the front door is Japanese lovely.