Monday, July 18, 2011

scenes from the redwoods/adandoned cabin

An abandoned cabin up in the redwoods. Just one room but a lovely little spot in it's day. The afternoon light was rather pretty in there.
Trolling around in abandoned buildings gives me a taste for my life back in LA when I used to "explore" uninhabited (or I assumed they were uninhabited) homes and buildings all the time. Not sure if it is good or not to be nostalgic for my "trespassing" days, but frankly, I am.


  1. Leslie, I love your work and blog! You had me completely with Yelena + redwoods + the sensibility of light that you so beautifully capture. Thank you so much for sharing. I shoot as well and it always fills me up with so much inspiration when I come upon an artist like yourself. On a side note, where might I find those redwoods? Big Sur? I have some vacation time coming up and I long to be with the those big majestical trees. I really look forward to following your adventures via your blog. Thank you for sharing*
    Kindly, Lili

  2. Thanks for the kind words Lili.
    These particular redwoods were up in the Mendocino area. Willits to be exact. It is beautiful up there!