Tuesday, July 5, 2011

week of sharing/michele janezic

This is a special week for me. My birthday falls on Thursday (yes, 7/7...lucky numbers!) and I suppose it is not uncommon to be reflective about one's life around this time. The more I go through this journey called life the more grateful I am. I am a really lucky girl with some of the most talented, loving people I can imagine as dear friends. So this week I wanted to share some of them with you. They are all amazing people, with big hearts and talent that I am constantly inspired by.

Today is Michele Janezic's day. An amazing fashion designer who has an innate understanding for a woman that values style over trend. I have to say...her clothes I don't get rid of, they just keep looking great and timeless. I shot this for her spring 2011 look book. Check out her line here. I am excited to shoot her fall line in a couple of weeks. Already coveting her fall coat...

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  1. I like the verticality of this shot. The tree trunks, the lines of the swing, the long, lithe frame of your friend, her hair piled up like a Burmese pagoda -- the composition makes me chuckle. You like tree tops and diffused sun rays, I think. And there are little birds on the branches!

    7 plus 7 equals 14. 1 plus 4 equals 5. Five, the most flexible of numbers. Constant change and improvement. Adventure. Have a merry, merry birthday.