Monday, August 8, 2011

anya jindrich/jewelry

A few weeks ago I traveled up north to Mendocino county for a couple of shoots and on my way home I had to visit Anja Jingrich. Luckily she said yes when I contacted her. She designs and makes beautiful pieces of jewelry out of wood and she happens to have designed my favorite necklace as of late. I wear it all the time and I am convinced the love and meticulous attention she puts into each piece just seeps into me somehow. I feel calmer when I wear it. She sands each piece by hand. They are simple and understated and let the beauty of the wood be the focus. My necklace has delicately sanded edges on the underside and I find myself constantly holding it and rubbing those I said, calming. Her work is only available at the General Store in San Francisco. 

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