Monday, August 1, 2011

my carry on priorities/

After I arrived in NY last week, I was unpacking my carry on and I just had to laugh at myself. I realized that my carry on priorities are little outside of the norm.
The most important items I shot so I could share.
Here is the list:
1 box of collected California ephemera (driftwood, river rocks, a redwood chunk) for a friend who is working on an art piece.
1/2 loaf of Tartine bread
my personal mix of Nopalito fried garbanzo beans and marcona almonds
a bag of organic plums
1 slice of double chocolate tea cake
Ha! What an odd bird I am! In my defense, I had a shoot the next day and I was worried I would forget to eat (which I did the last time I shot at this location) so I was covering myself. And there was 4 pro-packs of film for the shoot. of course. What I didn't anticipate was the fine mess of flour and California dirt that would be on the bottom of my bag. Well worth it.

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