Thursday, September 1, 2011

daily life/nameless friends

I don't really know this guy, but I feel like I do.
I see him almost every time I go walk out near Sutro Baths. He is always sitting on this bench, usually reading (his John Le Carre novel is tucked behind the log there). Yesterday when I saw him, I was going at a pretty steady clip and he was looking wonderously into the bushes ( idea what that was about), but he made me smile as usual. On the day I shot this image, I was location scouting and I finally chatted with him. He's a talker in the best sense and when his words began spilling out they were tinged with the best southern accent (I love a good accent!). He told me all about other good places to shoot and the vets that usually are walking around there (including one that carries around a hammock so he can rest. his meds make him drowsy). He's full of stories and a complete sweetheart! But I was so enthralled listening to his stories (and his accent) that I completely forgot to ask his name!

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