Monday, October 24, 2011

roman and williams/

Let's face it everyone...this is the money shot at the offices of Roman and Williams. This is Robin Standefer's office and it is such a beautiful and well photographed space. So much so that I knew I would be taking this very shot before I walked in. But I have to admit, that made me feel has been done, I thought. I tend to want to make things somehow my own...if it has been shot I want to make sure I do something (anything!) differently. But my is just sitting here like this, who am I to ignore this?!? It is a bit like walking into Wharton Esherick's is just perfect! Don't touch anything...just shoot it and be glad it exists. So here is my version of this well documented shot...I didn't move anything except one piece of pottery (from the table on the lower right so I could see the coral).
More Roman and Williams this week. Stay tuned!

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  1. Geoff Dyer has a lot to say in The Ongoing Moment about photographers taking pictures of the same subjects, and whether a photograph is more identifiable by its subject or by its photographer. I have my own theory that no matter the subject of a shot, if two separate photographers take two separate pictures, even from the very same spot, you can sense their eye (and their thoughts) behind the image. From Dyer: "[Dorothea] Lange claimed that every photograph was a self-portrait of the photographer."

    I'm inclined to agree. (The simple fact that you wanted to see the coral must say something about you...)