Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11/a day to wonder

So much is said about this date today. 11/11/11.
Frankly, I love numbers, so I kind of love this day. But what I like most is wondering about it. Wonder is something that is integral to my life. I realize now, I have based my life on it somehow. Every project, every person I call up to shoot, everything I do in my personal work begins from wondering. Why did this person do this? What do designers live like? Why is this furniture designer more interesting to me than this other one? It all starts with my mind just wondering. and wandering. I hope you have time to do both of these today, this weekend and everyday.
And as for the whole 11/11/11 thing? It is pretty great but I kind of like number progressions too. I really enjoyed 9/10/11 this year. And I'm looking forward to 11/12/13. I wonder where I'll be then?
PS-this shot is a classic of mine. Probably my most collected image. The Wonder Bread factory in Memphis, TN as the sun was setting. It smelled absolutely ghastly! They were baking...

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