Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the brain/a mysterious beast

I have been thinking about when I shot this brain surgery years ago. It was still, to this day, one of the most interesting and amazing experiences of my life. But whereas then I was removed - an observer - now I see it from a second viewpoint. The brain is an incredibly mysterious beast and all of us are so beholden to our own. Without our brains, we are not even ourselves really. My stepfather was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few months ago and in this past week, I have watched him ebb and flow into himself and back out. Is it the radiation? Is it the tumor growing back? Is it the swelling on his brain that is causing the problems? All of these questions are for the doctors, but on a most basic level, every question is trying to find a way to bring David back to himself - to bring his tide back in. I have no answers to anything and no proper way to end this post. All this just keeps bringing up more and more questions for me about what makes us who we truly are.

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