Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I swear, it is one of those times...I am wandering aimlessly through my images thinking what do I want to share with all of you today. And the fact is, there is SO MUCH I want to share that I have been shooting, but for one reason or another, I cannot share it! Many are jobs, and others are my own projects that will be seen somewhere else first, but still. I feel thwarted! And then I ran across this image and it calmed me down. This is Heath Ceramics owners, Cathy Bailey and Robin Petravic's home. Simple and so them, right down to the Adam Silverman/Heath light.
The music I just stumbled across (in my own collection) is calming me down as well. Forgot I had this but it is amazing! Johan Johannsson's IBM 1401, A User's Manual. Take a listen to a bit... 

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