Wednesday, January 18, 2012

brooklyn loft/neo-utility

I shot this the other day when I accompanied a friend over to the loft of Kip Kotzen of neo-utility. I'm in love with this picture right now. Why is it that all the images I just love are on my phone? But you can't stage things like this, can you. I love the way Esme (the kitty) is ruling the roost and you only see the rear end of Spencer (the pup). Makes me laugh! Plus Kip's loft is pretty great. It has a very Eames House feel with all the plants, layering of textiles and of course this gorgeous window.
On a sadder note, the designer of the gorgeous Butterfly Stool in the center of this shot, Sori Yanagi, passed away in late December. He is best known for this beautiful and elegant stool. It is kind of rare when objects almost feel like they are living breathing things, but I think this stool accomplishes that. To me it feels like another character in this shot - butterfly, kitty and pup.

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