Wednesday, February 29, 2012

magic wand/

I originally chose this image with the thought that this is what my magic wand would look like if I was to have one now. My 3 year old niece is a fan of the magic wand and so we play...but it got me to thinking about the whole concept of the magic wand. To my niece it is about instant  dream and wish fulfillment. But who wants that? The wonderful part about dreaming, and the reason why getting them fulfilled feels so good, is that much of the time there is work, care and love that goes into them. Right now I am scheduling shoots in Europe for my next book. It is not my favorite part of the project process, but I wouldn't use my magic wand to skip over it. It is part of the process. Part of the story. The bumps, bruises and woes as well as the joys and triumphs all go into making realization of dreams so very sweet. Nope! No magic wand for me. I want to savor every single second...

PS - quote of the day "Action is the antidote of despair." -Joan Baez

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