Monday, February 20, 2012

maria moyer/

I've been editing through the images I shot of Maria Moyer's home this past summer. This image of her hallway is quickly becoming a favorite. You are all going to laugh when I tell you why. I am dying to know what that thing is under the door. What is in the closet? Usually I notice these things and move them because it distracts me, but that day I didn't apparently. I know she would let me look, but no...I don't want to look. I want to follow the stories that are starting to form in my head.
On a more technical, geeky, photo note, I also love this image because all the details are compositionally around the edges - the glasses, the cool blue light from the outside back door, the picture on the wall - they are all sneaking into the frame, just for flavor. And I am in love the the cool blue of her hallway. Ok, is that enough reasons to love this image?
Of course it is no secret I love Maria with abandon. Her work is sooo beautiful! I wear my porcelain necklace she gave me at every public speaking event I do. The sound and the feel of it in my hands makes me calm. Check out her work here on her website. And she has a fanpage on Facebook now...finally! Up today! Click here to be her fan. I already have....


  1. i totally agree, this is one of my favorite photos because of exactly what you said: the glasses the cool right side, and the wood and paint that is central. now.. who is this person?

  2. oh, and I have a knot door weight too! that's fun.