Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I love the thought of nature taking things back. Years ago while traveling in the  deep south I came across a man, Francis (a fantastic story in himself, but I digress), clearing Kudzu off a house. I was in a panic because a day before I had driven by and just had to shoot it. But it was night so I planned to come back. And when I came back they were clearing it...eeeek! I still got the shot (see below), but the thought of the house wrestling with the wildness of nature had stayed with me. Taken root. I just like that idea. And then awhile back I took some scouting shots of a house in Berkeley and noticed the wisteria growing inside the house by sneaking in the window. I felt secretly joyful. Go wisteria, go!!! We coexist with such wildness and beauty on this earth and so much time is spent trying to tame things. How boring! Let the wildness in.


  1. love these these photos/ this post. makes me think of the isaiah quote anselm keifer likes to reference: 'over your cities grass will grow'.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this quote, Jo! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The photo of the house and the story about it: fascinating and beautiful.

    1. Thanks Els. An amazing house no? it looked even better the first time I saw it. More overrun.