Tuesday, March 6, 2012

early work/

I received some questions for a Q&A yesterday and it got me to thinking about how I take pictures.  The questions were very thoughtful and really gave me pause. I do consider my work and my process but I've come to find that there is a danger in overanalyzing for me. I need to be completely present in the moment of shooting for everything to work . The voice in my head that analyzes things has to be bound and gagged - silenced unequivocably. Taking photographs is like dancing for me. It is about feeling and listening to what and who draws me to it. It is like falling in love a thousand little times a day.
This image is from a shoot I did early in my career for Surface magazine. It was for their first Avant Guardian issue. But it wasn't a contest then because as I recall they asked me to participate. This shoot was a day for the history books for me. The perfect synthesis of model, location (oh god...the location...I still dream about it), clothes and crew. It just came together seamlessly and I created pictures that were completely in line with who I was at the time. They were all self portraits really. I still love these.


  1. This was an amazing post. Thank you for sharing a little bit about your evolution as a photographer, as well as a little bit of yourself.