Wednesday, March 7, 2012

grandma's graduation dress/

I have never posted any of my diptychs because it bugs me how small they post, but I had to share this one today. This was my Grandmother's high school graduation dress. She sewed it herself. Can you believe I misplaced this dress? I was silently freaking out for awhile! But it is found (phew!!! I knew it was somewhere...)! Wish you could see the details on it. It has a hand stitched, scalloped edge in a pale green thread - so delicate and pretty.
The day I shot this image I was at a resevoir and the dress was hanging in a tree. I was just playing around shooting...and then the smallest gust of wind blew and the dress fell off its hanger into the water...nightmare! After a brief moment of panic I realized I better keep shooting because it was already wet. Not much else to do, right? Thankfully the dress was unscathed from its little swim. I'm rather thankful for that gust of wind, though. I cherish this dress so much I would never have purposely dropped it in the water. But it made for a ghostly image. And btw, this eventually became a book cover, so that's a bonus.

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