Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have been staring at this image tonight for a good long while marveling at how much is going on here. A kitchen like this would never be built now. Is it all original or were things added, like that decorative trim to the upper cabinets? What about the caning on the doors that go under the sink? It kind of stupefies me. That green line in the tile is perfect, though.
I am returning here to shoot today and really looking forward to it. Everyday this week has been  barrage of emails in relation to planning the new book in Europe. Tickets are booked, the first month is scheduled and I am in talks with about 6 or 7 more houses. but wow...endless emails...
The thought that I get to take some pictures is the best thought on the planet. Yay!!!


  1. You are welcome in Paris! Catherine Mell

  2. OMG ! Its simply beautiful. I am inspired from your creativity . your design is still in my heart! WOW that is a kitchen that takes my breath away! BEAUTIFUL!!!