Friday, March 2, 2012

remembrance of things past/

Places that used be the height of luxury but have descended into some kind of sad, dilapidated state make me wistful. I shot this years ago in and old hotel in downtown LA. Back in the day (and by that I mean at the beginning of moviemaking and into the 1930's), it used to be where all the stars stayed for movie premiers. By the time I shot there it was a pretty seedy residential hotel. The kind where you go up and talk to a guy through glass and can get a room for an hour. They had kept a few of the rooms as they once were and film crews would shoot here often - I think lots of music videos were shot here in the 90's. But I got a room and stayed the night. I was (and still am) fascinated with early Hollywood so I guess that is why - I can't remember my thinking at the time.
The geographic carpet mixed with odd modernizations made the room even more melancholy. A feeble attempt to step into the modern era when it clearly didn't want to and shouldn't. The night I stayed there was slightly harrowing (big understatement) but in the morning, when the light shone in, I saw a glimpse of her past beauty. Certainly an amazing place in it's glory days.
Have a lovely weekend friends.


  1. It's so fun to virtually travel with you.I am fascinated by old Hollywood too. Love to stay at the Sunset Tower when in LA. Not exactly ramshackle but it does have history. Love the stories you tell. What I love about photography is catching that moment in time and when it connects reality with your imagination? That's the magic. Thank you for sharing.:) Maureen McKean

  2. Thanks Maureen. So glad you are along for the ride! I appreciate your comments!