Tuesday, April 10, 2012

note from london/day 2

I finally made a pilgrimage to a shop I have wanted to visit for years. Labour & Wait. I got a crush on their brush collection (of course these aren't for sale). They had plenty of other brishes for sale though and many more perfect, well made utilitarian household objects. I mean...they sell pencils! That makes me happy just alone, but so much more wonderful stuff there. Take a look at their website. I bought two perfect cotton handkerchiefs. I like cotton better that silk to wear on my head when I shoot (silk just slips right off).
I was actually in Shoreditch to do my first radio interview for Present Radio. It airs this Sunday. (Present is a really great mens shop, btw. You should check them out too! covetable stuff!) I had a wonderful time chatting with Grace about my musical leanings and working on Handcrafted Modern and how they two are so very inextricably linked for me. Have a listen if you feel like it. I'll post a link after it airs.

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