Monday, April 30, 2012

note from torino/carlo mollino

Arrived in Torino yesterday for the express purpose of shooting Carlo Mollino's garçonnière for the book. I have dreamed of shooting this space for about 10 years, so to say I am a bit excited seems like an understatement to say the least. But today, amid the clouds and drizzle, my host in Torino, Maurizio, and I just walked around and saw what Mollino there was to see around town. This is as close as I got to seeing inside his Teatro Regio. But I'll try again before I leave. I have seen pictures for years and refuse to leave without laying my eyes on it for real! The shots in this post today are around the entry to the Theatre.
But the real discovery today has been Torino itself. What a beautiful city! Someone told me it was the Paris of Italy and it really does feel like Paris in many ways. Some of the most beautiful shops I have ever seen. More pics of this soon!

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