Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hey everyone!
Just thought I'd write you all a little note and check in with you. Obviously I am traveling and shooting the new book. There is only so much I can share of that, as you can imagine. But I was wondering, what do you want to see? What do you want to know about my travels? I love sharing things I've seen and places I love with you, but I am sure some of you are wishing I would talk about x or show pictures of y. What are x and y for you? Let me know what you are interested in hearing about. There is so much going on that sometimes I don't know where to start. I haven't even shared my images of the Salone de Mobile yet.
Anyhow, just a check in. Would love to hear from you!
More soon!


  1. Hello Leslie,
    Having to travel so much, I'd like to know how you stay comfortable during a long flight. Are they're any special things you bring with you? Also,I love hotels/places to stay while traveling. Could you show us more of those places? Your view,how are they decorated...Happy trails!
    Maureen McKean

  2. Hi Leslie,
    I've been enjoying your photos of Milan very much. I agree with Maureen - it would be neat if you shared any striking interiors of restaurants or hotels in Europe that you pass through and enjoy. Keep up the good work and bon voyage!

  3. I must say, I simply trust your eye and find myself satisfied with whatever you choose
    keep it up!