Monday, July 9, 2012


Apparently I have done over 500 blog posts. Today will be the 507th to be exact but I have been sitting on this news because I have been in blog crisis for awhile. I've been moving all the images to another server. That means looking at each and every image I have ever posted and slowly redoing each post. I am at a point where at least all the images are redone (not all sized, but soon!)
It has been illuminating looking at each blog post, to say the least. Happily,  I am at the point where I can squeal a proper WHOOHOO!!! I never thought much about what posting a picture each weekday would mean when I started back in April 2010. Some of the time I wonder what the heck I was thinking, but at other times, I realize what a wonderful practice it has been for me. So thanks for being along for the ride. I am leaving in a couple of weeks for round two in Europe. Looking forward to sharing more of the journey of my European book with you all.
Today an image from one of my shoots in LA. I loved seeing an old Mac floppy on the far we have come...


  1. what a thought, redoing so many posts. Luckily they were meaningful, yes? Happy 500+, and did you have to change servers because you changed services? And you had to resize all the images? yikes. I hope to have a blog some day. I will have to do my homework. why did you switch servers /blogs?

    1. I had everything hosted on Apple's MobileMe and they unceremoniously decided to do away with it and leave it users no alternative. So all images hosted there had to be moved. It was a daunting effort, but there are gifts in everything, no?