Monday, July 16, 2012

bookstores/bell's in palo alto

I went to Bell's bookstore in Palo Alto the other day. I have been going here since I was little as so many have. It has been around since 1935. Bookstores like these are rare nowadays. Remember when our free time was not spent trolling the internet, but rather browsing for hours in amazing bookstores like this one? I had the happiest hour there. Lots of books from every era and just one look at any shelf and it is obvious that there are treasures to be found if you just take the time. I found mine in the furniture section (surprise, surprise). "American Craftsman by Williamson" just leaped out at me since I am doing a project originally called that (it has since gone world wide). I probaby snickered out loud. Apparently that book has been 1940. But of course I HAD to buy it. The only way these wonderful bookstores stay open is if we actually buy some books!

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