Thursday, July 12, 2012

euro book update/mollino

I've been dying - seriously dying - to share some of the images I shot in Europe for my next book. So today, I gave myself leave to do so because I am excited! I have news!
But first things first! This is an image from Carlo Mollino's kitchen. I figured this was ok to share because this most likely won't make it in. It is a room still used so not exactly in tact. But I still love it. It was a rainy day when I was there in May, so the light was just nice and soft. I love the two little weights hanging down in the window. At least I think they are weights.
OK, so on to the news. I am just about to head out on the road again - back over to Europe for the rest of the shoots for my book. This will be the bigger trip. I am seriously pinching myself by some of the emails I have received from these amazing houses and people. I am always surprised when people know my book in Europe because it was not really distributed there. Grateful. Honored. Surprised. This week has been an onslaught of YES! I love it! The trip looks like this: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the UK. I think that covers it. And while on the road I will be doing some super good People Watching posts for the NYTimes. I hope you all come along for the ride.

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  1. good god les, great news. cant wait to see the new book