Thursday, August 9, 2012

foundation maeght/raoul ubac

I finally made the pilgrimage to Foundation Maeght in St- Paul-de-Vence on Thursday. I say pilgrimage because if you are a Giacometti lover, you will know that they have such an amazing collection. I shot like a crazy woman to be honest. But since tonight I am on a deadline and heading to Stockholm super early in the morning, I will share my 3 favorites of the chapel and my new love, Raoul Ubac. I had never heard of him, but in the chapel are his 12 "Stations of the Cross". You see some in the first image and the last. They are just sublime! The actually remind me in some way of Alexandre Noll for some reason. Maybe it is all those crosses Noll did in ebony. But anyhow I am just in love with Ubac's work! cannot wait to have time to do a little digging on him. Of course the Josep Lluis Sert buildings were another draw beyond the Giacometti.
I am leaving out a lot here. I will share more once I turn in the next NYT People Watching. Just polishing it up!

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