Thursday, August 2, 2012

Handcrafted Modern in Casa Brutus/

So I first heard that Casa Brutus was going to have Handcrafted Modern in their books issue. Fantastic, I thought! I love Casa Brutus! Then they asked for access to images. Nice, I thought, guess it will be more than just a little 2x2 pic of the HC Mod cover image. Then there was a mention of the cover of the magazine. I actually think the first thought I had was, "huh? really?" I couldn't imagine. I've never seen a book get a cover of a magazine before. Then I got the issue. HOLY MACKEREL! I don't even know what to think! A fold out cover and a 6 page story? Really? So amazing! Thank you Casa Brutus! Thank you Ryan Conder of South Willard in LA (I really have to email that guy...). I have no idea what it says but I am putting this on the list of things I never even knew I should hope for. Beautiful and amazing! A great way to head off to Europe to shoot the next book. I am a grateful girl.
PS - If someone reads Japanese, let me know what this says, will ya?
PPS - User name "Serendipity" was kind enough to post a translation in the comments section of this post which, in my jetlagged stupor, I accidentally deleted. UGH! Thank you Serendipity for your efforts! You are so kind.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to read the translation. So if someone wants to try again I would be ever so grateful! Kisses from Paris! L-


  1. Hello Leslie,

    I happened to find your blog today and happened to be Japanese. So glad to find your blog and glad if I can be of your help.
    The Japanese texts read something like below. (Only readable texts from your photo.)

    by Ryan Conder

    Interpreting (Understanding) the "Modernism" from the interior masterpiece "HANDCRAFTED MODERN".

    - A book full of valuable photographs of homes of well-known great modernists including Eams, J.B. Blunk, Walter Gropius, which you've had never chance to see before.
    Ryan Conder, who says he was very excited when first saw this book, will guide you through this book with comprehensive explanation.


    1. Thank you Rika! Can't wait to get the entire thing translated some time in the future! And so glad you found the blog! glad to have you along!
      best, L-