Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ivan ruller/brno, czech republic

P-Pow! That is what went through my mind when I walked into this room in Czech architect, Ivan Ruller's apartment in Brno. That color is so damn good, right? And the mix here is good too. There is a different sense of color and design in eastern europe that I really admire.  There is no wrong. It all works in a wild abandon kind of way. It makes me smile.
I got a major crush on his wood inlay table tops, a collaboration he did with another artist, and the art including this odd little sculpture on the table. Funny little guy, isn't he?


  1. that top photo - WOW!
    I love this - so refreshing to see something different and wild.

    1. yeah Brian, I gotta say...I'm digging it good!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the colors and wood work!