Tuesday, September 11, 2012

alvar aalto/plants

I have never been one for house plants. I always think of them as a headache or a big mess. Maybe because I always overwater them and they leak everywhere, hence big mess. But Alvar Aalto has me warming up to the idea. There was something about the way they were interspersed throughout the house that was rather nice. I love the little trellis he has for them and the radiator top plant holder could be my solution for overwatering (if I had a radiator). So nice, no?
Last day in Copenhagen, then on to Milano!


  1. I like the little dowel spacers between the brackets and the shelves!
    Makes me want to drop everything and redo mine.

    1. John, I love this impulse. I swear, Aalto's house has so many glorious and brilliant details it practically killed me with joy!!!

  2. I love the small dowel spacers between your mounting brackets and also the racks!
    Can make me personally wish to decrease every thing as well as remodel my own.

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