Friday, September 7, 2012


I can feel a new obsession starting. Cords. Usually cords are the bane of shooting an interior. They always look like a big mess and it becomes a "hide the cord" exercise throughout the day. But I have noticed that they are so important to composition in these shots. The first image is the telephone in Alvar Aalto's bedroom, and the last two are from Finn Juhl's house. The third shot was my last shot of the day on my iPhone and I am going to go back and perfect it tomorrow.
BTW, check out the little figure in the second image. The art in Finn Juhl's house is amazing. Probably some of my favorites. He had a really wonderful and deliberate eye. And don't get me started on color and Finn Juhl...
Tweeting more tomorrow from his house as I shoot. Come along. @lwillphoto

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