Friday, September 14, 2012

hans wegner/copenhagen

On my last day in Copenhagen, I paid a visit to the home of Hans Wegner. I had been hoping to shoot his house for my book but the family keeps it private and you have to respect that. So I wasn't able to shoot inside, but I at least wanted to share what I could. This is the exterior from the backyard. Downstairs is his studio and upstairs are the family living quarters. He only designed his own homes. Hans was too busy dreaming of furniture. I was lucky enough to help finish off the last of the raspberries from the Wegner's raspberry bushes. You all know how much I love my fresh fruit! They were delicious!!!
Today is day two of shooting Gae Aulenti's home in Milan. Then I am off to London for the London Design Festival. Should be fun!


  1. Ah darn! Hans Wegner teaser, not fair...

    1. McKenzie I know! I almost didn't post it because of that. But hey...I figured I have to share what I can. Wish I could have shot is great.