Tuesday, September 25, 2012

london/random highlights

Just a few random shots from my time in London this past week. I was tooling around with friends enjoying the London Design Festival. A much needed week without any major photo shoots. These are all from my iPhone. The first is across the street from Established & Sons Studio Showroom.
The next two are from Jasper Morrison's tiny store in Shoreditch near his studio. My favorite exhibit was probably his crazy little show of different tape from around the world (you know how I love those collections). The last is from the beautiful Bruno Munari show at the Estorick Collection called "My Futurist Past". Of course I liked the utility of the fire extinguisher and alarm switches with his poster.

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  1. Love seeing these - I'm so glad you went to Jasper Morrison's shop, too (& what a treat that it was during design festival!).