Sunday, September 2, 2012

note from helsinki/one month in...

Just arrived in Helsinki for what will be a whirlwind Alvar Aalto extravaganza.What does that mean? It means I fly in, shoot Aalto's house for two days and immediately fly out. C'est la vie. I get two amazing days that most people don't ever get...the fact that I will have to make a return trip to experience the design history of Finland is OK by me.
But today I realized I have been traveling for a month. I am a little under half way through my trip, but I still feel like I have so much to do! And amazing opportunities just keep coming out of the woodwork. A lead on an interesting house in Sweden, a possibility that Josef Hoffman's house (that he built for himself) in Austria might be available to shoot...with a little persistence. To steal a line from Charlie Brown "Aaaugh!" I want to shoot them all!
It has gotten to a point where I just try and concentrate on the opportunities that move me. Of course, I have also noticed the more tired I am, the less I am moved! : ) I guess that is typical.
Another shot from Skägga today. Perfect, no?

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