Friday, October 12, 2012

atelier brancusi/pt. 2

Part 2 of Atelier Brancusi today. I didn't get too far into the circumstances of where this space is in the last post and Andreas was kind enough to comment on it. Atelier Brancusi is located right outside the Centre Pompidou in Paris and is run by the Museum. Renzo Piano designed the space it is in (he designed the Pompidou as well with Richard Rodgers). I have to be honest, I am more interested in the feeling that the space evokes than the space itself. Brancusi was an avid photographer of his space and himself. I find his images  to be some of the most beautiful documents of an artist and his atelier. His images are so much more resonant with the feeling than other images of atelier's from this era. Maybe it is because he is documenting his own space, but it feels like it is something more. I like to wonder about that...

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