Monday, October 22, 2012

atelier brancusi/pt. 3

Last day of Atelier Brancusi images from my time in Paris.  Of course I had to lead off with the image of Brancusi's view camera. Brancusi's photographs have always affected me. He was rather diligent in documenting his space, work and himself. His self portraits are some of my favorites. See a nice self portrait of Brancusi as well as a great post on the space itself here. And thanks to my friends at the 189 who did a nice post on my images of Brancusi as well as my new book. That post is here. They say some really lovely things and I am always grateful for their support.
I am actually a little surprised by all the attention these Atelier Brancusi posts have gotten. AFAR magazine put it on their "what we're reading" last week and Remodelista did the same thing in their Roundup. So thanks to all of you for the love!
I am just getting back to work this week and starting to edit all the images and make it into my upcoming book. There is so much that I have not even shared from my two month adventure so expect a lot more interesting stuff. Coming soon a nice juicy post or two on the Bruno Mathsson HQ.

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