Monday, October 8, 2012

one day in paris/

After this two month adventure of shooting amazing houses (and many other things), I ended up with just one day in Paris to myself. My last day of the trip. I haven't spent time in Paris, without jetlag, for about 15 years. I originally had planned to stay a bit longer but I quickly realized that Paris would be lost on me. I was just too tired. But still, I had a really lovely day through the rain and drizzle. Here are some random shots from my phone. I shot a bit more on my proper camera but haven't even looked at them yet. Expect a post on Atelier Brancusi soon. I went crazy there...
There are a couple from the Palais Royale, one of Atelier Brancusi, a shot of the interior of Maison Margiela and the beautiful Arts at Metiers Metro stop.
It is nice to be back in California, but I am moving at half speed it would seem. The adrenaline of travel has worn off. So I'm taking a little breather and then I jump into the next phase of making this book. Editing.

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